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Let me introduce myself. My Name is Norton. Some of you may remember me from my fundraiser my humans at Ziggy's Haven held to make me better. Here's my story... My original mom reached out to Ziggy's Haven because she had fallen on hard times and knew the people at Ziggy's are always there to help birds and their families. When I came to Ziggy's, I had an old injury to my foot. I was depressed and picked at it a lot. I had to wear a collar to keep me from hurting myself. Ziggy's people took me to the vet and tried medications to make it better, but things did not heal up. So, the hard decision was made to amputate my toe, but I still did not feel great. The doctor at the big hospital in Gainesville thought there was an infection in the bone, and they amputated my whole foot. After a lot more medicine, (YUCK!), my foot healed up. The crazy people at Ziggy's made me do physical therapy and would leave treats like a trail of pistachios for me to learn to walk again. I no longer pluck my feathers and I am a happy, sassy bird. I will now be an ambassador for Ziggy's because I am so cute. I even have a modified cage so I can get around well!



I would like to give back to Ziggy's for taking such good care of me, but I need your help. I am looking for some people to sponsor me so I can continue to live the lifestyle I have become accustomed to. Will you Help? I

love receiving gifts of nuts, veggies, and fruit. The humans said dollars would be helpful too, but they do not taste good at first. A $25 dollar a month sponsor gets you a free t shirt, free tour for you and a guest and all the smiles I can muster!

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