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Support Services

Making a Difference

We take great pride in the impactful strides achieved through our Support Services, which have significantly enhanced the lives of numerous members within our community. At Ziggy's Haven, our commitment to fostering a welcoming environment extends to providing an array of comprehensive services aimed at ensuring the longevity and well-being of beloved parrot companions.

Our range of Support Services encompasses:

1. Long-term boarding options, offering peace of mind for parrot owners during extended absences or unforeseen circumstances.

2. Veterinary assistance, facilitating access to essential healthcare resources and ensuring the optimal health of parrot companions.

3. At-home assistance, providing personalized support tailored to the unique needs of both parrots and their caregivers within the comfort of their own homes.

4. Food assistance initiatives, ensuring that nutritional needs are met and alleviating the financial burden associated with quality sustenance for parrot companions.

We are always striving to add more services to ensure the birds in our community are able to stay in their loving homes!

Central to our mission at Ziggy's Haven is our unwavering dedication to preserving the bond between parrots and their human families. We recognize the significance of keeping these cherished companions in their homes whenever circumstances permit, and we are committed to empowering our community members with the resources and support necessary to achieve this shared goal.

We warmly welcome you to explore the multitude of services available at Ziggy's Haven, where compassionate care and holistic support converge to nurture thriving relationships between parrots and their devoted caregivers.


Education & Outreach

Doing Our Part For A Better Tomorrow

At Ziggy's Haven, we pride ourselves on providing a diverse array of educational opportunities focused on parrot care. Among our outreach initiatives, we hold a particular affinity for our engagement with youth audiences.

Our flagship program, "Pets are Family," is designed to instill in young minds the vital understanding that pets are integral members of the family unit, reliant entirely on our care and compassion. Through this program, we aspire to cultivate a generation of responsible pet owners who are committed to safeguarding the well-being of their animal companions. By fostering a deep sense of responsibility and empathy towards animals, we aim to reduce shelter populations and facilitate the realization of the shared aspiration for every pet to find its "forever home."

At Ziggy's Haven, we are dedicated to empowering today's youth with the knowledge and values necessary to promote compassionate and conscientious pet ownership. Through our educational endeavors, we endeavor to inspire a lasting legacy of empathy and advocacy for the well-being of all animals within our community and beyond.

Your tax deductible donation helps us fund these projects as well other projects at the sanctuary. Consider becoming a Monthly Donor today. 

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