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Support Services

Making a Difference

Through our Support Services, we have made a real and positive difference in the lives of some members in our community.  Through our Support Services, we have been able to keep many parrots in their homes longer by offering options such as long term boarding, veterinary assistance, at home assistance, food assistance and more. One of our key areas of focus here at Ziggy's Haven is helping to keep the parrot in the home when circumstances allow.


Education & Outreach

Doing Our Part For A Better Tomorrow

We offer a multitude of educational opportunites on parrot care but our favorite outreach programs are working with our youth.  Our Pets are Family program teaches our youth that all pets are family members that are 100% dependent on us.  Our hope is that today's young people become responsible pet owners and work towards keeping more pets out of the shelters and having that "forever home".

Your tax deductible donation helps us fund these projects as well other projects at the sanctuary. Consider becoming a Monthly Donor today. 

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