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Choosing a Place for Your Parrot

Your parrot's future depends on you

Making the decision to give up your bird is not an easy one. Parrots are highly intelligent, high maintenance, long-lived and part of the family. When circumstances arise that require you to rehome your parrot, doing your due diligence is critical. You and only you have to be comfortable in your decision. We recommend you do the following when researching placement options.
Visit the facilities you are considering. Any facility that will not allow you to visit should send off red flags and should be stricken from your list of choices. All areas of the shelter should be accessible and shown to you. If certain areas are off limits, ask why. If you don't feel comfortable with the answers, cross them off your list.
Ask who their veterinarian is and call them. Have they been to the facility? If not, why? If they have visited, would they recommend the facility as a placement option?
Does the organization have a facility or are they foster based? If they are foster based, ask what the organization provides for the birds to the foster. How are fosters chosen? Are follow up visits done to ensure the foster is meeting the needs of the parrot(s) in their care? How often are those visits done?
If you think you have found the right place but still have doubts, volunteer for a few days and see how things are run. Do not be afraid to ask questions. Again, you need to be comfortable with your decision. Your birds future depends on you.
There are many good organizations out there but there are just as many bad ones. So do your research, talk to your avian vet and remember that your decision affects a living being dependent upon humans.

Placement Options

Deciding Which Option is Right for You

Making the decision to place your parrot is not an easy one and we understand that. When your bird is accepted into our facility, we will work with you to make the transition as stress free as possible for you and your companion parrot.


Support Services

Do you really want to give up your parrot?

There are many reasons people consider placing their bird.   In some cases people feel it would be in the birds best interest or they don't feel they have an option. If you do not want to give up your bird but feel it would be the best thing for him/her, talk to us about your circumstances.  In most cases we can help to resolve the issue to allow you to keep your bird with you for as long as possible.  Some of the options include:

  • Veterinary Assistance

  • Pet Food Assistance

  • Weekly visits to your home for thorough cage cleaning assistance

  • Behavior Modification Assistance

  • Short or Long Term Boarding Solutions

If you are committed to keeping your feathered friend, we are committed to working to make that happen. Talk to us!

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Adoption or Sanctuary

Deciding What's Best for You and Your Bird

If placement is your choice and we have the vacancy to accept your bird, we will ask you to schedule a time to visit the sanctuary.  You will tour the facility if you haven't already done so and we will discuss your placement options.  

While we prefer to evaluate your bird to determine if adoption or sanctuary would be the best option, you also get a vote.  Some owners are concerned about the possibility of their parrot being bounced from home to home and prefer the security of a sanctuary.  Other owners would prefer their parrot find a wonderful home and family to grow with.  


Adopton Program

Finding the Right Home for your Feathered Friend

Ziggy's Haven takes great pride in finding the right home for each bird.  Our purpose it to set the bird and adopter up for a successful relationship.  Please visit our adoption page for details on our adoption criteria. 

Ziggy's asks if you can to donate when you surrender your bird  to help cover vet costs or provide a recent (no more than 60 days) report from your avian veterinarian of a well bird exam and disease testing.  After the quarantine period, he/she will be moved to the adoption center where he will meet our volunteers, visitors and potential adopters.

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Sanctuary Program

Lifetime of Care Program

Our Lifetime of Care program provides your bird with a home for the rest of it's life.  If your bird is socialable, we may use him/her in our education programs.  He will enjoy the best of both worlds:  Aviary living with friends and both offsite and onsite educational events.  

Keep in mind there may be a waiting list on available space depending on the species of your bird.  Ziggy's Haven requires a minimum $5000 donation and a current copy of your parrot's veterinary records upon acceptance into our program.  A portion of your donation for our Lifetime of Care program is deposited into our Improvements Account and used towards the upgrades of existing structures and the construction of additional aviaries and structures.  The remaining donation is deposited into our Future's Savings Account towards guaranteeing the sustainability of Ziggy's Haven for future generations of Operation's Managers. 

We encourage you to visit your bird as often as you'd like during our normal business hours.  After hours visits are available by appointment.  

Schedule An Appointment

Call (352)419-4086 to schedule and appointment or discuss your options.

Or send us an email telling us about your bird and the reason you are are looking at placement options. 

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Placement Inquiry

Please tell us about your bird and what type of help you are needing.

Thanks for submitting!

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