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Choosing a Place for Your Parrot

Your parrot's future depends on you

Making the decision to rehome your beloved bird is a significant and often challenging choice. Parrots, being highly intelligent and long-lived companions, are considered part of the family. When seeking placement options, thorough research is essential to ensure the best outcome for your bird and peace of mind for yourself.

Here are some key steps to consider when researching placement options:

- Visit the facilities under consideration. A reputable organization should welcome visitors and provide full access to their facilities. Any reluctance to allow visits or restrictions on access should raise concerns.
- Inquire about the organization's veterinarian and their involvement with the facility, and consider giving them a call. Has the veterinarian visited the premises? Would they recommend the organization as a suitable placement option?
- Determine whether the organization operates from a physical facility or relies on foster homes. For foster-based organizations, understand the support provided to fosters and the frequency of follow-up visits to ensure the well-being of the birds.
- Consider volunteering at potential placements to gain firsthand insight into their operations. Don't hesitate to ask questions and seek clarification on any concerns you may have.

Ultimately, your comfort and confidence in your decision are paramount. Your bird's future depends on the choices you make. Conduct thorough research, consult with your avian vet, and remember the responsibility you bear for the well-being of a living being dependent on humans.

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adopter holder her new umbrella cockatoo

Placement Options

Deciding Which Option is Right for You

Making the decision to place your parrot is not an easy one and we understand that. When your bird is accepted into our facility, we will work with you to make the transition as stress free as possible for you and your companion parrot.

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Support Services

Do you really want to give up your parrot?

There are many reasons people consider placing their bird.   In some cases people feel it would be in the birds best interest or they don't feel they have an option. If you do not want to give up your bird but feel it would be the best thing for him/her, talk to us about your circumstances.  In most cases we can help to resolve the issue to allow you to keep your bird with you for as long as possible.  Some of the options include:

  • Veterinary Assistance

  • Pet Food Assistance

  • Weekly visits to your home for thorough cage cleaning assistance

  • Behavior Modification Assistance

  • Short or Long Term Boarding Solutions


If you are committed to keeping your feathered friend, we are committed to working to make that happen. Talk to us!

Adoption or Sanctuary

What do you want your parrots future to look like?

If placement is your choice and we have the vacancy to accept your bird, we will ask you to schedule a time to visit the sanctuary.  You will tour the facility if you haven't already done so and we will discuss your placement options.  

While we prefer to evaluate your bird to determine if adoption or sanctuary would be the best option, you also get a vote.  Some owners are concerned about the possibility of their parrot being bounced from home to home and prefer the security of a sanctuary.  Other owners would prefer their parrot find a wonderful home and family to grow with.  

Adopted with her new amazon on her shoulder

Adopton Program

Finding the Right Home for your Feathered Friend

At Ziggy's Haven, we take immense pride in our commitment to matching each bird with the perfect forever home. Our primary objective is to facilitate a successful and fulfilling relationship between the bird and their new caregiver. We kindly invite you to explore our adoption page for comprehensive details regarding our adoption criteria.

When entrusting your bird to Ziggy's, we respectfully request your consideration for a donation to assist in covering veterinary expenses. Alternatively, we appreciate the provision of a recent (within 60 days) report from your avian veterinarian, documenting a thorough well-bird examination and disease testing. These measures ensure the health and well-being of your bird during their transition period.

Following a careful quarantine period, your bird will be introduced to our adoption center, where they will have the opportunity to interact with our dedicated volunteers, esteemed visitors, and potential adopters. This pivotal phase is conducted with the utmost care and attention, fostering an environment of compassion and understanding for both the birds and those seeking to provide them with a loving home.

Sanctuary Program

Lifetime of Care Program

Our Lifetime of Care program ensures a loving home for your bird throughout its life journey. Through this unique program, your feathered friend becomes part of a community dedicated to their well-being and enrichment.

If your bird is sociable, they may have the opportunity to participate in our educational programs, offering them a chance to shine in a role that benefits both them and our community. Imagine your bird experiencing the best of both worlds: the camaraderie of aviary living alongside the excitement of participating in both onsite and offsite educational events.

Please note that due to the popularity of our program and the unique needs of each species, there may be a waiting list for available space. To ensure the highest standards of care, Ziggy's Haven requires a minimum $5000 donation along with current veterinary records for your parrot upon acceptance into our program.

Your generous donation for our Lifetime of Care program not only provides for your bird's immediate needs but also contributes to the continuous improvement of our facilities. A portion of your donation is allocated to our Improvements Account, dedicated to enhancing existing structures and constructing new aviaries and facilities. Additionally, a portion is invested in our Future's Savings Account, securing the sustainability of Ziggy's Haven for future generations of Operations Managers.

We warmly encourage you to visit your bird as frequently as you desire during our regular business hours, with after-hours visits available by appointment. Your involvement strengthens the bond between you and your bird, enriching both of your lives. We look forward to welcoming you and your feathered companion to Ziggy's Haven.

Schedule An Appointment

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Or send us an email telling us about your bird and the reason you are are looking at placement options. 

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