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Foster Program

At times we have a waiting list of birds waiting to come in to our adoption program.  By becoming a foster parent for us, you will open your home to a bird in need on a temporary basis. Ziggy's Haven will provide the cage and the birds daily diet as well as initial toys and other needed items to help with the birds adjustment.  

Fosters are asked to provide a safe environment, daily care including providing fresh vegetables and fruits, enrichment opportunities, behavior assessment and modification and you must be open to potential adopters visiting the bird in your home.

Other foster opportunities include fostering a special needs bird. These birds are not usually available for adoption but need more individualized care than can be provided in a sanctuary setting. Fosters for our special needs birds are provided with everything needed to care for the bird except fresh foods.

Adoption Program

Thank you for considering adopting a parrot from us at Ziggy's Haven! Our primary focus is always on the well-being of our beloved parrots. Ensuring the right match between the bird and the adopter is paramount to us. Many of our avian residents, despite their vibrant personalities, find themselves in our care due to circumstances beyond their control.

We understand that bringing a parrot into your home is a significant commitment, and we're here to provide transparent guidance every step of the way. Unlike breeders or pet shops, we provide honest insights into the realities of parrot ownership. Parrots, with their intelligence and complexity, require dedicated attention and enrichment to thrive. We're committed to sharing both the joys and challenges of parrot companionship.

To ensure a successful adoption, we have stringent policies in place for the benefit of both you and the bird. Prospective adopters must:

- Spend time volunteering at our sanctuary to develop a meaningful bond with the bird they wish to adopt.

- Demonstrate an understanding of the responsibilities and commitment involved in parrot ownership.

- Be willing to accommodate the unique needs and behaviors of their chosen bird, including providing appropriate enrichment and socialization.

- Understand the potential challenges of parrot ownership, including noise, destructive behavior, jealousy, and the need for mental stimulation.

- Agree to a suggested donation, which varies based on the species of the bird.

- Undergo home visits before and after adoption to ensure a suitable environment for the bird.

During your time volunteering, you'll receive comprehensive education on caring for your parrot, covering everything from diet and nutrition to potential hazards.

Adopting a parrot is a significant commitment, often lasting a lifetime. If you're ready to open your heart and home to a feathered companion, we encourage you to complete our adoption application. Thank you for considering adoption and for your interest in providing a loving home to one of our incredible parrots!

Click here to see some of our available birds on Adopt A Pet

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