Welcome to our open house. This is the first at our new location.Join us on Sunday February 20th for food, raffles and a good time. Melanie Allen-Lowrey from Hagen/Hari will be speaking on parrot nutrition. Sandy Lender will be speaking on enrichment and foraging.
Feb 20, 2022, 12:00 PM – 4:00 PM EST
80 N Florida Ave, Inverness, FL 34453, USA

Cotton and Candy in the picture below are two of our long term sanctuary birds. They need your sponsorship. Please become a monthly donor by clicking the donate button above. As soon as these two have a sponsor we will post another.

Ziggy's Haven Bird Sanctuary, Inc

A 501(c)3 No-Kill Parrot Rescue

Ziggy's Haven Bird Sanctuary, Inc wants to spread our message of hope and compassion. We believe that a single action can make a difference in the community, and that collective action can greatly impact the world. Through advocacy and outreach activities, our team works tirelessly each day to contribute their part in providing support and education to parrot owners in our community.


Who We Are

Our Roots

Here at Ziggy's Haven Bird Sanctuary, Inc, we know that sometimes all it takes to change the world is a little support. Since our founding in 2003, we have been determined to make an impact. To date, we have found placement for over 1000 parrots, have 75 parrots in our Lifetime of Care program and have helped over 200 parrots remain in their homes through our outreach programs.  Through all of our endeavors we hope to display the conviction behind our beliefs.

"You become forever responsible for what you have tamed."

Antoine deSaint-Exupery from The Little Prince


You can buy a signed copy for $12 at the sanctuary or order it online by either clicking on the book or following the link in the review.

"The book is written from the perspective of the parrot. The humor used from this point of view is funny, and it makes this a great book. Both the authors clearly have a strong grasp on the training parrots . . . err, I mean the parrots know how to train their humans. Taking care of a parrot is hard work. This book makes it easy to understand how to raise a parrot. I could list a few pages of great examples of humor and information in this book, but I’m just going to use a couple. In chapter 4, “Shirt Surfing and other Contact Sports,” the authors immediately provide a great piece of information for parrots. They advise not to spend too much time with them initially, as a parrot will get used to this schedule. Not too much further in the chapter, the authors (parrots) make a funny joke about cleaning their human’s mouth. These examples work really well."--Judge, 27th Annual Writer’s Digest Self-Published Book Awards


From Fantasy Author Sandy Lender

"...a novel with plenty of bite: when swords inevitably fly forth from their sheaths, Lender doesn't skimp

on the action." -Realms of Fantasy

"Sandy needs to be considered one of the top Fantasy/Suspense writers right now." -Suspense Magazine

"I absolutely fell in love with the dragons."

"Sandy Lender’s space adventure…is fast-paced and action-filled with villains you will love to hate,

and heroines and heroes you won’t soon forget, especially the spunky pilot Khiry whose indomitable

spirit heartens and inspires." – Midwest Book Reviews



"Some days, you just want the dragon to win."